Massachusetts College of Art & Lincoln Decordova Museum School

Deanie Ramsauer Zeitlin

My father Henry, who grew up in Switzerland, was a painter and had a great deal of inspiration on the way I look at color and light. As a child, I would watch my father paint and my childhood home was filled with his European influenced paintings. I still feel my initial awareness and love of painting came from my father. Being a flight attendant for 18 years gave me the freedom to explore beautiful landscapes and museums (I particularly like the impressionist artists’ paintings). Coupled with the excitement of choosing a variety of different medium to pick from, my experience enhances the flow of the endless reservoir of creativity. I paint from a combination of different sources (outside nature, photos & memory). When I do paint, I never know exactly what the end results will be. I do know however how surprised I am at what emerges and the passion that somehow engulfs me for those hours and days of dwelling in the world of color and light.

A Glimpse of My Favorite Work!